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A Mauser Pistol

Twelve Chairs
Pictured by Wang Guanqing

Secret of a Sculpture of Buddha
Pictured by Pan Honghai

My Father Deng Xiaoping (5)
Pictured by Ye Xiong

Find out the Secret of the ¡°Death Area¡±
Pictured by Gao Baosheng

Pictured by Huang Yunsong, Zhang Changxun

Three Wrongly Judged Cases
Pictured by Yang Qinghua, Yang Jiuhua
¡¡¡¡¡õYoung Chinese generations' art works. The teenage authors learned a great deal from the west, and integrated the western drawing skills and styles with Chinese traditional drawing skills.

Wings of Dream

Stories in the Sweet Potato Field

Zhujiajiao (an ancient town)








Open the Door to Welcome the Robbers
The original Chinese idiom:
"Kai1 Men2 Ji2 Dao4": "kai", open; "men", door; "ji", welcome; "dao", robber or bandit.
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